About Us

Philipstown Fights Dirty

The Philipstown Fights Dirty campaign is a collaborative effort of the Town of Philipstown's Climate Smart Community Task Force and the Ecological Citizen's Project. Our goal is to make climate action contagious and to help Philipstown reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2040 by spurring individual and organizational actions that reduce carbon emissions, support our local economy and build a healthier community.

Join your neighbors! When you pledge to take action, you can elect to be added to the PFD pledge map to show that fighting dirty has caught on in Philipstown!

Philipstown Climate Smart Community Task Force

The Philipstown Climate Smart Communities Task Force is a volunteer steering committee to the Town of Philipstown whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change by increasing use of renewables while decreasing overall energy use; supporting development of a more sustainable local economy; educating and inspiring community members and businesses to contribute to climate solutions; and conserving our natural resources and wildlife for future generations.

Ecological Citizen's Project

The Ecological Citizen's Project (ECP) is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to build community-led campaigns to produce a more just, healthy, democratic and regenerative way-of-life. The ECP partnered with the Philipstown's Climate Smart Community Task Force and ICLEI,USA to complete what the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation called “one of New York State’s most comprehensive and innovative reports completed by a local jurisdiction.” Now the ECP is working with the Task Force on the Philipstown Fights Dirty campaign and the development of the Town's Climate Action Plan.
Additional Community Partners
It takes all households, businesses and institutions in a town to work together to reduce atmospheric carbon. Thanks to the following community partners for joining our efforts.