Thank you for helping Philipstown fight dirty!
In order to reach carbon neutrility and see how low we can go, we will need everyone’s help. The town of Philipstown conducted a household greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in 2019-20 so we were able to estimate emission for residents and households in our Town. We are still collecting baseline emission data for our beloved businesses and organizations in Philipstown. Here’s how you can help us fight dirty.

1. Determine your business or organization’s current carbon footprint by completing our baseline survey. 

Already know your footprint? You’ll be able to share it with us in step 2.

2. Work with one of our community volunteers. We have a team of knowledgeable climate smart volunteers who can take your carbon footprint data and assist you with pledging actions to fight dirty.

Please complete this form to get connected with a knowledgeable neighbor.